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Accurate Court Reporting, Inc. can connect two or more conference rooms for a multi-point conversation as if you are in the same room.  Participating in a proceeding via video conference enables video and audio to stream from the deposition location via the Internet or ISDN straight to your desktop, laptop, or through one of our dedicated Polycom systems.

Given the fast pace of business today, including litigation, our clients utilize our video conferencing services for depositions, hearings, and even interviews.  Accurate Court Reporting, Inc. offers state-of-the-art video conferencing capabilities to almost any location in the world. Whether or not you choose to use our video conferencing solutions for depositions or for other important events, we will present you with the convenience of face-to-face communication, while getting rid of the cost and hassle associated with travel.

From the time you schedule to the time your printed transcripts or videos are delivered, we keep track of every detail that is important to your case.

More About Our Video Conferencing Services?

  • Basic Video Conferencing - If you have a specific agenda or already have your video conference arranged, then we will simply connect the sites. You can share documents, pictures, and concepts while conducting meetings, interviews, or consultations nationwide or world wide.
  • Sales and Marketing Video Conferencing - Video conferencing gives you an unparalleled opportunity to reach out to your customers like never before. Using video conferencing for sales and marketing allows you to connect live, stream video over the internet, and allow you to showcase of your products to customers through product demonstrations.
  • Help Desk and Remote Support Video Conferencing - Use our video conferencing services to utilize your experts and specialists around the globe without the cost of deploying them or housing them abroad. Experts and Engineers, Doctors and Medical Specialists can all converge at different locations sharing information and exploring new concepts.
  • Classroom and Training Video Conferencing (Webinars) - Want to host your own classroom or seminar? Our video conferencing services allow you to reach an international audience with the capability of broadcasting to other video conferencing rooms, streaming users on the internet or both simultaneously. Capture audiences like never before and avoid the costs of expensive conference facilities and the woes of event planning.
  • Live Press Conference - Reach media organizations worldwide in a revolutionary high-tech presentation. Use exhibits, video-clips, marketing collaterals and live video interviews to prove your prowess in the market.

You will be satisfied with the quality of work and customer service you will receive from Accurate Court Reporting, Inc!  For a full listing of all of our legal reporting services, visit our services page.

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