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Exhibits... Just as Important as Testimony 

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Bringing exhibits before a jury for their inspection is just as important as the testimony of your deponents and expert witnesses.

The careful handling of any exhibit(s) is paramount as it is often crucial in determining the final judgment. We know that exhibits involved in a case require careful handling and recording. This is why we take great care with your exhibits from beginning to end.

Once you send us your important exhibits, we scan them into our server and associate them to the proper witness and case.

Next, we print them along with the copy of your transcript and include them in its own section. The created PDF files are burned to a disc and are also included in their own section of the printed transcript.

You then receive a printed copy of the exhibits along with a digital version as well. The digital PDF files are also entered into our secure online repository for your own personal storage and retrieval. You have access to them via our secure online repository, Witness Warehouse; giving you access to them 24/7 from anywhere you may be in the world.

Benefits of ACR Exhibit Preparation?

  • Scanned Into Our Server
  • Case and Witness Association Matching
  • Printed Transcripts in Unique Section
  • PDF Creation and CD Burning
  • 24/7 Access Via Our Online Repository

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