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Legally Strange – The Purisima Lawsuit – I Want 2 Undecillion Dollars

Ladies and gentlemen, for all us who have been in the legal field, we have heard of frivolous lawsuits (litigations). Some have been in the demand because you didn’t get beach babes by drinking Bud Light, your booth was too small, or you want to God to stop creating natural disasters. And just for the record, let’s not forget one of the most all-time famous, (and has been deemed frivolous), lawsuit: Liebeck v. McDonalds.

But I’m not here to talk about those lawsuits; I’m here to talk about the largest demand for compensation ever to be filed in a lawsuit: 2 undecillion dollars. (And guess what – It happened recently).


The Term “Undecillion”

Before we get into the actual lawsuit, let me share with you what the term undecillion is. For the most, you probably have never seen or heard the term undecillion unless you carefully studied / saw a large number chart. The term undecillion is 1 followed by 36 zeros. It’s also known as sextillion in European format and dodekillion in Greek format. And for the record, the numerical format is displayed as:


And times that number by 2 is what this lawsuit is asking for in US dollars. Needless to shame it puts even Dr. Evil to shame…



Dr. Evil

No, Dr. Evil – one hundred billion dollars isn’t enough money for you to make a stand here.


But let’s get to the real issue here… what case is worth that amount? Well for starters, no case is worth that amount because IT DOESN’T EXIST ON THIS PLANET! I’m waiting for the day when a lawsuit victory surpasses or even accumulates 500 billion dollars. (I would say a trillion, but that’s going a bit too far.) Unfortunately 2 undecillion dollars is the insight for one, Anton Purisma who is suing Au Bon Pain, Carepoint Health, Hoboken University Medical Center, Kmart Store 7749, St. Luke’s Emergency Department, New York City Transit Authority, City of New York, NYC MTA, LaGuardia Airport Administration, Amy Cagguila and Does 1-1000. (Talk about a list!)

And if you didn’t that list was enough, look at what his suit about: Civil rights violations, personal injuries, discrimination on national origin, retaliation, harassment, fraud, attempted murder, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy to defraud.


What kind of lawsuit is this?!

For starters, there isn’t a ton of information regarding Anton Purisima. However, thanks to Google, I was able to discover that an Anton Purisima (which could be the same on this case), had filed a series of frivolous lawsuits starting all the way back a few years ago. The one document that I did find, talks about Purisima, who was apparently discriminated on a bus trip by Tiffany Entertainment back in 2009. In his actions he describes that Tiffany Entertainment is part of vast global conspiracy from the Chinese government and Chinese leaders. What’s more so to believe that this is the same Anton Purisima is that he was seeking four hundred decillion dollars.

I think it’s definitely safe to say, it’s the same Anton Purisima.

However in this case, it’s not exactly clear what actions the defendants did to cause Purisima harm or damage, but as you might as well expect – the lawsuit is frivolous and will be thrown out. Perhaps Purisima should have sued for a googolplex instead.

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