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Fun Fridays – Obscure Law of the Week: Protecting “Bigfoot”

Have you ever seen any of those shows that claim to have eye witnesses of our friendly forest creature Bigfoot? I remember years ago there was a big push in television programming that focused on the discovery of Bigfoot  and the countless people from all over the world that claim to have seen a large humanoid creature roaming the isolated regions of this world. It has always struck me as peculiar though that ever image of the beast is blurry? I mean ever image of Bigfoot seems to be out of focus. And why does he always seem to resemble Star Wars character Chewbacca or the creature from Harry and the Hendersons?


Putting aside all the questions and the people’s belief in a Bigfoot creature, the people of Whatcom and Skamania County Washington took it heart to help protect Bigfoot from being killed and/or harassed. Back on April 1, 1969 Skamania County passed a law declaring “any willful, wanton slaying of such creatures shall be deemed a felony” subject to a substantial fine that may not exceed $100,000 and/or imprisonment  that may not exceed 10 years. The fact that the law was passed on April Fool’s Day had no bearing on the legislation. County officials said that there were no protection to for humanoid creatures and that if any creatures are captured, killed or harassed that it could possibly have substantial impact on the area. County officials also mention that there are laws on the books that protect livestock, horses, pets, etc. so why not extent these protective rights to all undiscovered creatures including Bigfoot.



If you’re in Whatcom and Skamania County Washington you won’t be “Messin’ with Sasquatch”.

According to the law, individuals must use extreme caution while hunting and tracking the creature; protecting people and other known animals from dangerous and possibly deadly traps. The laws also puts full responsibility of the shooter to properly identify the species before taking aim and or killing of a species, therefore ignorance will not absolve the shooter.


If you were to be lucky enough to bag a Bigfoot the law lastly states that any moneys (proceeds and revenues) shall be donated to a state college for further research or protection of the creature. Also the physical possession of the creature must be donated to a state college immediately for further study.


It may seem crazy to think that you can commit a felony by merely harassing an unknown creature like Bigfoot. It makes you really think about the Jacks Links commercials where Bigfoot is countlessly bothered and harassed. But if Skamania County would be outdone on their fascination and love for Bigfoot, Whatcom County Washington made itself, by a unanimous vote, to be the first Sasquatch Protection and Refuge Area. The only thing I wonder now is if Bigfoot knows he can live freely within the great state of Washington?

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