Need a last minute deposition? Don't worry, no matter what time of year it is - we got you covered.

Video Transcript Synchronization - a Powerful Discovery Tool

Video Transcript Synchronization is a very powerful discovery tool and great for presenting at mediation or trial.

At Accurate Court Reporting, we use TimeCoder Pro 6 to synchronize transcript text to video.

The final product is delivered to you on a DVD that includes the Depoview Player. The player can do text searches, make video clips, and export video clips for emailing as well as export clips directly into a PowerPoint presentation.

You can also have the deposition exhibits hyperlinked to the transcript for viewing. The disk also contains the upload files for importing into Sanction, Summation, LiveNote, and TimeCoder.

The greatest advantage to synchronizing a deposition is that you can edit out inadmissible portions of depositions very quickly and play to the jury a seamless presentation of the testimony. When playing a synced DVD you are giving the jurors the chance to see, hear, and read the testimony.

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