Need a last minute deposition? Don't worry, no matter what time of year it is - we got you covered.

Because Accuracy Matters with Transcriptions

With every transcription service we provide a dedicated reporting team experienced in the transcription of all audio and video formats. Our transcription services are performed by highly trained court reporters, capable of providing expedited and same day delivery.

What Kind of Transcription Services Do You Provide?

  • Quality transcription by experienced court reporters.
  • We can transcribe any audio recorded on a CD, DVD, .wav, MP3, webcast/internet streaming, videocassette, audio cassette, and microcassette.
  • Proceedings such as statements, interviews, depositions, court proceedings, arbitration, insurance transcriptions, meetings, television broadcasts, internet webcasts, video meetings, seminars and presentations.
  • Translation/transcription by certified translators in numerous languages.
  • Rush delivery is available including same-day available.
  • Transcripts available in a variety of formats including hard copy and electronic. (E-Transcript, Condensed, .PDF Transcript, Rough ASCII and Electronic formats burned to disk.)
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